1. When did the Faculty of Ocean Engineering Technology and Informatics be established?

The Faculty of Ocean Engineering Technology and Informatics was formally found on August 1, 2019 as a result of the merging of School of Informatics and Applied Mathematics and School of Ocean Engineering. This faculty pools the experts in technology domain including informatics, computer science, mathematics and statistics as well as many facets of engineering field including maritime, civil, mechanical, electric and electronics under one roof with the aim to empower the knowledge and research disciple in a niche area related to ocean engineering.

2. What are the conditions of entry into the bachelor degree program at this faculty? 

The specific condition or requirement can be seen in following brochure:

3. Can I visit the FTKKI UMT?

Yes. UMT is an open university, and you can visit the campus area and environment. However, most office or laboratory areas can only be accessed with a staff or student card. If you are interested in visiting specific locations, please inform the faculty person in charge.

4. Does the offered program be taught in English?

English and Bahasa Melayu are widely used in the teaching and learning process.

5. What is the graduate program offered?

The postgraduate programmes that FTKKI offered is as follows: – 


1) Master of Computer Science (Coursework) 

2) Master of Information Technology (Coursework) 

3) Master of Mathematics (Coursework) 

4) Master of Statistics in Marine Science (Coursework) 

5) Master of Science (Research) 

6) Doctor of Philosophy (Research) 


Postgraduate Brochure: