About the Faculty

Faculty of Ocean Engineering Technology (FTKK), Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) encompasses various disciplines which combines science, technology, engineering, environmental and maritime to produce graduates who are competitive at the global stage.

FTKKI brings together experts in the fields of technology and engineering such asa maritime engineering, mechanical, civil, electrical and electronic engineering, chemistry and environment, under one faculty to enhance knowledge and research in the field of specialization on marine engineering in line with UMT’s vision and mission.

The main objective of the FTKK is to provide academic programmes that meet the needs of the industry, thus producing holistic, skilled, innovative and highly competitive graduates in the job market. The FTKK also conducts research in the field of engineering technology that supports the nation’s knowledge and economic development and serves as a reference point in addressing current issues and implementing a knowledge transfer programmes for universal sustainability.

Officially established on 1 January 2024 through the rebranding of Faculty of Ocean Engineering Technology and Informatics (FTKKI) to Faculty of Ocean Engineering Technology (FTKK).

Our aim is to produce competitive graduates by implementing excellent teaching and learning activities, research and consultation work related to science, mathematics, technology and ocean engineering. All the programmes offered in our faculty is a pragmatic step towards producing skilled human resources, competitive and integrity.